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BBC map showing coverage of BBC Radio Derby form Sutton Coldfield v.h.f. and Burnaston Lane m.f. with
a relay at Stanton Moor and Derby Studios.
The main v.h.f. transmitter has now been moved to Drum Hill and the Derby Studios relay closed.

Pixel plot predicting the coverage of BBC Radio Derby from the new 5kW transmitter at Drum Hill

ILR Derby (RAM FM etc)

Pixel plot showing the predicted coverage of ILR Derby (RamFM etc) from the
0.92 kW transmitter at Drum Hill

This IBA map shows the combined coverage of ILR Nottingham and Derby from vhf transmitters at Mapperley Park (Nottingham) and Quarndon (Derby) and mf tranmitters at Quarndon and Trowell
Quardon vhf has since been moved to Drum Hill - see pixel plot prediction above.

EAST MIDLANDS REGIONAL From Waltham (Saga 106.6 FM etc)

Waltham Coverage Map

Above: Predicted coverage from directional aerials on the Waltham mast:  6.2kW vertical + 4.6kW horizontal
for East Midlands regional station on 106.6 FM.
Coverage in Derby is marginal so a relay transmitter at Drum Hill on 101.4 MHz reinforces reception, see below.
Plot produced using Ofcom transmitter parameters.

Drum Hill Relay

Above:  Coverage map for the 0.19 kW relay for Derby on 101.4 MHz from Drum Hill.

EAST MIDLANDS REGIONAL From Copt Oak (Radio 106, Century 106 FM etc)

Copt Oak Coverage Map

Above: Anticipated coverage using RadioMobile pixel plotting from the 8kW directional transmitter
at Copt Oak. Used by Radio 106 / Century 106 FM etc.
Plot produced using Ofcom transmitter parameters.

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