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The BBC map showing the coverage area of BBC Radio Cumbria from Sandale, Kendal, Windermere and Morecambe Bay v.h.f. and Carlisle , Whitehaven and Barrow m.f.

ILR Cumbria Map
Pixel Plot showing anticipated coveragefor ILR Carlisle/Cumbria (96.4CFM etc)
Green: 96.4 MHz from directional aerial on the Caldbeck transmitter mast 3kW mixed. 
Orange: 102.2 MHz from the Broughton Moor relay - 0.81 kW mixed.
Blue: 103.4 MHz from the Whitehaven relay - 0.4kW mixed.
Yellow Outline:  102.5 MHz from the Penrith relay - 0.1 kW mixed
Plot produced using Ofcom directional parameters.

CFM Marketing Area

CFM Marketing Area, including coverage from the main transmitter on 96.4 FM at Caldbeck, and the relay
transmitters at Penrith on 102.5 FM, Workington on 102.2 FM and Whitehaven on 103.4 FM.

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