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Put on your favourite item of waterproof outdoor clothing - We're off to visit some masts!

Broadcast Masts and Towers:

A small collection of photographs of radio and TV masts and towers, some taken by my fair hand and others are credited to contributors including the prolific Martin Watkins.  The section of towers and masts from outside the UK is currently being worked on and will be gradually added to over the coming months.

Some regard them as eyesores, while others (and there appear to be a surprising number!) see them as elegant and mightily impressive feats of engineering.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.  I'll get my anorak.

Whatever we may think about these structures, it is true that most of us would be unable to listen to our favourite radio station and millions unable to watch television programmes as diverse as Panorama to Coronation Street.

Beautiful or not, these masts and towers are still vital in our media-centric world. The masts pictured here are responsible for carrying either broadcast televison or radio, some carry both.  With the advent of digital broadcasting, some of the masts also carry Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB Radio) for our listening and viewing delight.

I hope to add a few more sites to the collection of photographs presented here - as time permits.

And Now For Something Slightly Different...

There are many masts that are home to other utilities such as transmission equipment for Private Mobile Radio (PMR) often referred to as two-way-radio or 'walkie talkies', the emergency services and amateur radio repeaters, for example. Mobile telephone base stations are also installed on many hundreds of masts across the country so that all our cellular phones will work properly.  The pictures on this site do not cover these types of mast.

As an aside there does seem to be a ground-swell of rather alarmist protestors campaigning against mobile phone masts and, indeed, this seems to be spreading to masts of all kinds - peculiarly even against a proposed long-wave station off the coast of the Isle Of Man. Most of the arguments against these radio services are made by the ill informed.

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Put your coat on....
Let's visit some transmission sites!!

Masts in the UK
UK Sites

Or if you fancy some better weather
try some sites Outside The UK:

Masts outside the UK
Sites Outside The UK

The Safety Of Radio
Transmission Systems

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