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837 KHz AM/Medium Wave
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0.7 kW
0.29 kW
The mast at Freemens Common (NGR SK589027) was installed by the BBC in the 1970's to bring Medium Wave reception to BBC Radio Leicester (The UK's first local radio station).  Since 1967 Radio Leicester had been available only on 95.1 MHz VHF at low power (0.3kW).  The Freemens Common medium wave service increased the potential audience. bringing the station to parts of Leicestershire that could not hear the VHF signal.  The initial frequency was 1584 kHz (189m) with a power of 0.5 kW.

In 1981 the transmitter was changed to a lower frequency of 837 kHz (358m) which could give improved coverage and together with a power increase from 0.5 to 0.7 kW, the medium wave service now covers most of Leicestershire during daytime.   Radio Leicester eventually moved from the low power Anstey Lane VHF transmitter in 1989 having installed a powerful new 8kW VHF transmitter at Copt Oak on a new frequency of 104.9.  The Copt Oak transmitter can cover the entire county and this paved the way for the 837 kHz medium wave frequency from Freemens Common to be re-assigned to the BBC Asian Network.

In 1981 the ill-fated ILR station Centre Radio commenced broadcasts from Freemens Common on 1260KHz (238m) medium wave, later being replaced by Leicester Sound in 1984 an then carrying GEM AM from October 1988.  The frequency was then awarded to Sunrise radio east Midlands in September 1992 and has since been re-allocated to Sabras Radio.

The mast is similar to the BBC Radio Stoke mast at Sideway.

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