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Citizens Band and Amateur Radio Pages

Hi, My Citizens Band and Amateur Radio ("Ham") website pages were previously located here.

Thanks for visiting - but I no longer operate and do not encourage you to waste your time and money buying equipment and/or getting to enter the 'hobby'.

My view is that CB and amateur radio is dying and doomed due to interference from so many types of unregulated sources; PLT/PLC; Internet Over Mains Wiring; Sky-Q; LED lighting; Solar Power systems and inverters; Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and iPhone chargers (etc) and many more RF Interference QRM emitters that are probably too numerous to mention.

So please disregard any words of encouragement that you may have previously read on these old pages and spend your money on something that will give enjoyment without the frustration.  I'd suggest a nice TV and a Home Cinema System:

Best wishes, Mike. February 2016
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