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We appreciate that the WWW is a very large place! This makes it all the more gratifying to know that you took some time to stop by at MDS975 to take a little look around.  As one of our correspondents commented, the job of working on a website is never complete.  Certainly there will always be something more to add, change or update.  So it seems, like any other website, that this may always be considered 'work in progress'!

We'd love to hear from you, so please navigate to the contact page if you would like to say hello, or have a look at the feedback page to read the comments of some other site visitors.

We do hope that you enjoyed your visit and that you will stop by again soon.

If you have your own home page then you might wish to consider adding our site to your links. Our URL is  Tell your friends!

Best wishes, safe surfing and thanks again for your time,

Mike and Jules.

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