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  Here are some radio related websites that you may find interesting & useful - the links will open in a new window or tab:
Amateur Radio Links
The M0MTJ Amateur Radio Links Page - loads of 'ham radio' related resources

Radio Magazines & Publications
BDXC - The British DX Club
RADIO USER - (The replacement magazine born out of the amalgamation of Short Wave Magazine and Radio Active)
Radcom Magazine - RSGB
EPE  - Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine
Bandwidth Magazine - Personal communications news

Radio & Media General Interest & Information
MB21 - By Mike Brown  - (Like Carlsberg) Probably the best broadcasting site in the world!
Frequency Finder by Dr Paul Groves
Demotapes - By Jean Paul Hansford - The home of help for professional and aspiring broadcasters
The Moores - Transmitter Anorak Zone - By Richard Moore
MHP - All things broadcasting
FM Scan.org - Radio Frequencies & Transmitter Maps worldwide
Aircheckdownloads.com - Audio Clips & Airchecks
Radio Fail - When radio goes wrong - audio recordings of on air bloopers
RAF Siggiewi in Malta  -  http://www.raf-siggiewi-malta.com

Radio Nostalgia, Station History & Tribute Sites
BEACON RADIO MEMORIES  -  http://www.beacon-radio-memories.co.uk
The History of KCBC Radio 1530 & 1584 in Northamptonshire
THIS IS ILR by Sean Saunders   (Perhaps This *Was* ILR is more appropriate!! )
LBC and RADIO LONDON by John Allen 
MERCIA SOUND - Station history by Kevin Sykes
RADIO TEES - a  tribute
Radio Fax - by Trevor Brook and Andy Burnham
RadioFax memories
Anorak's Archive - Offshore 'pirate' Ships
The story of Radio Kaleidoscope
Alan's Radio Pages
Dav-World - Dave's TV and Radio Pages
American Radio History.com

Broadcasting History and Heritage
Broadcasting History at www.transdiffusion.org
The History Of The Radio Licence - www.radiolicence.org.uk
The British Heritage Television Project  - 405 Line Television 
The ITA / IBA LICHFIELD MAST near Hints in Staffordshire by Bob Cotton
History Of the BBC - on the BBC
The BT (GPO) Microwave Backbone - from Subterranea Britannica
Radio 270 profile - on BBCi
Wireless Waffle Blog - Keith's Radio wafflings
MF2FM's Wireless Waffle website
Vintage Radio and Electronics  by Maurice Woodhead
Vintage Broadcasting  Vintage Broadcasting
Sterling Times - Radio Normandie and Radio Luxembourg
UK Vintage Radio - repairs, restoration and projects to build
Marconi Calling - history
WNAR-AM - Old fashioned American radio programmes
Vintage Broadcast.com - sale of vintage programmes
British Valve Radios Histories - www.portabletubes.co.uk
Valves & Tubes at www.ominous-valve.com
Offshoreechos - RadioNormandy and Captain Leonard F Plugge

Radio Stations
WCR-FM  interesting community radio
Malfunction Radio - You never know what's coming next!!
All Hit Radio - All Hits All The Time - http://allhitradio.uk.com
S.I.B.C. - The independent LOCAL station of the Shetland Islands - 96.2 & 102.2 FM
Radio Jackie 107.8FM Homepage
Radio Caroline
AM640 Talk Radio - Toronto - CFMJ
KKNX Radio 84 - Oregon - radio as it should be
Hot 'n' Gold - Country, Country Rock, good time Rock 'n' Roll.
America's NPR - National Public Radio
Alex Jones - conspiracies - website & internet radio station www.infowars.com
Coast To Coast with George Noory - the unexplained
RADIOMAPS.co.uk - Listen Live to Local Radio Stations in the United Kingdom
RADIOFEEDS.co.uk - List of UK radio stations simultaneously broadcasting on the web
BBC Radio WM
BBC Radio Shropshire
BBC Radio Five Live
89.2 & 93.1 Radio Excite Alicante
Chuck Harder (For The People) forthright views on the world from the USA

Community Radio
Big City Radio (Aston FM) - Birmingham
WCR FM - Wolverhampton
Express FM - Portsmouth
Acoustic, new-age, smooth jazz and instrumentals with Mike Brown of MB21; sadly no longer on air on Redruth Radio, so catch up now with all the podcasts at:

Radio - Electronics - Manuals & Construction
ATV Aerials and Television - Circuits and Service Manuals
Inductor construction: DL5SWB Mini_Ring_Core_Calculator

PMR - Business Radio & other
Lowe Electronics Ltd

Offshore & Pirate Radio
Radio City Facebook group by Dennis Boreham
A-Z Anorak - extensive archives of audio recordings
Pirate Memories by Chris Dannatt
The Pirate Archive - info' & audio - a comprehensive collection
Radio Eric - more pirate archives audio and information
Uptown Radio 94.4 VHF - Chertsey - with Terry Anderson et al
"On The Run"  -  The Story Of The London Pirates
Free_Radio_40_Years On
Radio Caroline
Radio London
Laser 558
Radio 390
Surrey Sounds - One hell of a station
Radio Kaleidoscope - 1967 to 1976
Radio, TV & Media News & Information
EMC - Radio interference caused by 'Home-Plug' Power Line Networking (PLT / PLN / PLA) and other radio spectrum pollution issues:
EMC Information Centre  &  EMC Journal
BAN PLT - http://www.ban-plt.co.uk
MB21 - An Amazing Broadcasting Site by Mike Brown
PARAS - A Must Read Website about Digital TV switch-over
Megalithia - DTT - Electronics - Terrain Data & more
WikiRadio - A Wiki dedicated to Radio
DIGITAL UK - Ofiicial Digital TV Switch-over site
Wohnort Worldwide DAB Multiplex information
Media UK - media news and information
Digital Spy - news and discussions
Radio Today - radio industry news
The Radio Magazine - radio industry news
Waveguide - radio and television news
Broadcast - media industry news
Guardian Media / Radio
RAB - The Radio Advertising Bureau - All about commercials on Independent Radio
Arqiva - transmission provider to the radio & TV industry
RAJAR - station audience / listening figures
Station Z - media production & technical consultancy

Digital Radio
Digital One Homepage
BBC Digital Radio Home Page
Radio Now - latest news about radio
Get Digital Radio - news & information about digital radio
DAB Digital Radio.com - somewhere to buy your DAB radio
NOW Digital (Global Radio) - industry website

Radio Information outside the UK
Radio Online (USA)
FMBQ Radio News (USA)
Radio Waves - Tons of Radio News, particularly from the Irish radio scene
http://www.nederlandseradio.com - Listen to Dutch Radio

Media Regulation & Reception Advice
PARAS - Complete advice about Digital Television and Digital Switch-Over  -  Professional Aerial Riggers Against the Sharks.
BBC Reception Advice - Transmitter Engineering and technical Information
OFCOM - Media regulator + engineering information
BCI - The Broadcasting Commission Of Ireland

Aerial Installers etc
ATV Aerials and Television - aerials supply and install
Wrights Aerials by Bill Wright

Radio Equipment Suppliers / Component Suppliers etc
A.T.V. Aerials and Television
Pure Digital - DAB Radios
Ogormans for Radio - radio dealer
Roberts Radio - Sound For Generations!
RS232 Serial Port to USB adapter cable : http://www.ftdichip.com
SatCure - Cure your satellite and digital TV problems

MORE : Electronic Component Suppliers - see lots more here >>>>> ....

Crystal and Vintage Radios
CrystalRadio.org - The Xtal Set Society - for information about Crystal Sets
Crystal Radios and Tube (Valve) Radios - plans projects and contests
The Studio E One Valve Radio by Les Franklin

Amateur Radio
RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain
Practical Wireless Magazine
Many Many MORE Amateur Radio links here...

Radio Reception & DX
PLAY DX - By Dario Monferini - Loads of DX and Travel pages.  Plenty to keep you entertained!
Medium Wave DXing In Ayrshire - Ken's Trans Atlantic DX Logs

Transmitters etc
MB21 - transmitters
Emetteurs Radiodiffusion (French Transmitters - & where you can see many of Martin Watkins' photographs)

International Radio
WRN - World Radio Network
Radio Netherlands - Media Network
Switzerland In Sound - and The Two Bobs!
SWLing.com - Guide to Short Wave Listening
Radio Station Interval Signals Online

International Radio Interval Signals - Sound Archive at intervalsignals.org
LW/MW/SW Interval Signals, Signature Tunes, Idents and Jingles
Interval Signals on SWLing.com

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All Hit Radio - All Hits All The Time

Soundscape from Redruth Radio presented
                            by Mike Brown
Soundscape was Redruth Radio's programme of acoustic and
 instrumental music - a surprising and eclectic and mix including
 everything from folk to New-age,
smooth jazz and instrumentals.

Mike Brown presented Soundscape live on Redruth Radio every
Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm
: Catch-up now with the podcasts at:

Professional Aerial Riggers Against
                  Sharks - PARAS
ATV - television and radio aerials supply and
Aerials for TV & Radio

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