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April 2016 Update : I ran the pages of of my 'mini amateur radio website' and 'mini CB Radio website' from 2007 to 2016, but the demands on my time became rather too much so, with regret, I decided to retire the web pages in 2016.  I will leave them in place for the time being in this new archived location as, I am told, the pages carry a lot of useful information.  However, it's unlikely that I will make any updates to the pages.

The amateur radio hobby itself also seemed to gradually take over most of my free time and, perhaps more significantly, space!!  I therefore decided to have a huge clear up and clear out in April 2016. I began scaling back the shack to free up some space in there. I also needed to tidy out the loft, the shed, and other cupboards of all sorts of radio related equipment, accessories, radios, hardware and aerials etc. It's a huge task, but I'm looking forward to a much more compact operation in the future.

As you might imagine, after all this clear-out, much of the information on the first page, and on the Operating Conditions page will now be out of date. However, I hope you can still enjoy the pages and find something interesting and useful. You'll find the new home for my CB Radio pages here >>

73, Mike. April 2016

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