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Get Your Amateur Radio

I am not a member of the RSGB Limited book club but, if you are interested, the details are further down this page.

You may prefer, instead, to subscribe to Practical Wireless magazine.
Practical Wireless magazine can also be ordered through your local newsagent and is often available off the shelf in W H Smith. Definitely recommended.

Practical_Wireless_magazinePractical Wireless is a unique magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1932. Originally, PW – as it’s known to its friends and readers worldwide – started off as a magazine that dealt with the more practical side of wireless construction for general enthusiasts. However, since 1980, the magazine has aimed itself specifically at the Radio Amateur.

Practical Wireless has always been a ‘doing’ magazine with the accent on the practical, constructional side of Amateur Radio. Renowned for providing good homebrew projects, PW gives full assembly instructions for all types of old and new ideas ranging from the absolute beginner projects in our series called ‘Radio Basics’ to projects for the more advanced Radio Amateur, such as in our series: Carrying On The Practical Way.

Practical Wireless reflects modern trends by regularly featuring reviews of the latest radios and test equipment. It also covers other aspects such as computers in radio communications and ancillaries via reviews and specific features.

The magazine’s unbiased and independent views are highly regarded both by our readers and the trade and regular Special Offer promotions provide an extra market for our advertisers, while providing keen prices for our readers.

A regular glance at the readers’ letters pages will uncover readers writing in from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Europe. These pages provide a ‘soap-box’ where readers can – and do – voice their opinions. They also write in appreciation of PW’s outlook, approach and, perhaps most importantly, the magazine’s caring attitude to its family of loyal readers spread across the globe.

Practical Wireless Magazine, PW Publishing Ltd., Tayfield House, 38 Poole Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth BH4 9DW  Telephone: 01202 751611

What is amateur radio?

"The Amateur Radio service is a popular technical hobby and volunteer public service that uses designated radio frequencies for non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communications.

Amateur Radio is the only hobby governed by international treaty.

As a radio amateur you are able to transmit radio signals on a number of frequency bands allocated specifically to the radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs make use of their frequencies in a number of ways:

* Contacting people all over the world by radio which often leads to developing international friendships
* Competing in international competitions to test how effective your equipment is, and how good you are as an operator
* Technical experimentation — many of the leaps forward in radio technology have been initiated by radio amateurs
* Communication through amateur space satellites or with the International Space Station (which carries an amateur radio station)
* Providing communications at times of emergencies and undertaking exercises to ensure you keep the capability to do so.

There is no better way to explore the fascinating world of radio communications than by becoming a radio amateur.

A 1910 announcement by the then HM Postmaster General licensed “experimental wireless”, which still uniquely gives radio amateurs the ability to innovate without commercial or statutory controls even in the closely regulated environment of the 21st century." -  Text from  RSGB Ltd.

Radio Communications Foundation : The Wonder of Radio! – You cannot see it, touch it, or smell it but it is all around us. It provides the basis for mobile phone systems, broadcasting, local area networks, satellite navigation, alarms, environmental monitoring and so much more that we now take for granted in our everyday world. It is the vital enabling technology that provides the backbone for today’s digital Britain - http://www.commsfoundation.org/

Get Your Amateur Radio                          Licence!

Latest News :
See further down this page for information about the GB2RS Sunday Broadcast News Service.

RSGB - Radio Society Of Great Britain LimitedThe RSGB Ltd - Radio Society of Great Britain Limited - Publishes books and the RadCom magazine amongst other activities. The body deals with amateur radio and claims to promote the activity. RSGB Limited currently supervises the exams that must taken and passed in order to obtain an amateur radio licence.

RSGB Ltd is not a club, not a charity, nor is it a 'not for profit organisation'. It is a publisher and limited company which aims to make money from its magazine and book sales. More details can be found on their website: http://www.rsgb.org/  The company is registered in England and Wales with company number 00216431 Registered office: 3 Abbey Court, Fraser Road, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3WH

Personally, I don't bother with RSGB Ltd. -  I originally thought it was a body, or 'club', representing the best interests of radio amateurs, but I have found through bitter experience that it is extremely unhelpful, inefficient to the verge of rudeness, toothless and irrelevant - (Somewhat like; let's find a huge pile of sand and bury our heads in it, while still coining in the cash, of course). For reading material, I'd rather subscribe to Practical Wireless, which I do, thank you. (YMMV).

Training : RSGB Ltd offers distance learning for the Advanced amateur radio course. Find out more here

Publications : As a subscriber to RSGB Ltd., you will receive the monthly printed magazine Radcom. You can also view two additional online publications Radcom Plus and Radcom Basics aimed at beginners. Radcom Basics is designed to help newly-qualified amateurs get started in amateur radio. The online publications can be subscribed to by logging on to the RSGB Ltd website.

Other things available are the QSL Bureau; Members only website, Book discounts; Contests; Awards; IOTA DX program; Members ads; some limited EMC advice.   

GB2RS News is RSGB Ltd’s weekly radio broadcast of news relayed by a team of newsreaders to listeners across the UK and beyond,

GB2RS BROADCAST SCHEDULE (Sundays only, all times local)

Correct as of July 2015
Latest schedule version available from RSGB Ltd here : http://rsgb.org/main/news/gb2rs/gb2rs-news-broadcast-schedule/

National Transmissions
{10.00   7.127 Lsb G3ISB/DJ0OK Roetgen }
{10.00   7.127 Lsb M0DXM/DJ2XB Simmerath}
10.30   7.150 Lsb GM3JIJ Stornaway
16.00   5.3985 Usb G4HPE MORIF Royston Newton Abbey
16.00   5.3985 Usb GM4NTL G0APM Sanquhar S. Ockendon
16.00   5.3985 Usb G4MWO G8DQZ St.Helens Bury St.Edmunds

21.30   1.990 Lsb G4HPE Royston
21.30   1.990 Lsb GM4NTL Sanquhar
21.30   1.990 Lsb GM4JET Johnstone

England North
09.00   50.800 FM G4CLI,G0TKF Via GB3WY Wakefield
09.00   145.525 FM G4OLK, G7GJU Tyne Tees, Durham
09.00   145.525 FM G7MFN Sunderland
09.30   145.525 FM G4IOD, G4KFP Gawthorpe,Brighouse
09.30   145.525 FM M0WIT,G6NTI G6YGV Cleckheaton, Halifax
09.30   145.775 FM G0VOF, G4PF Via GB3RF Accrington
10.00   145.525 FM G3GJA Hull
10.30   3.640 Lsb G0VOF,G0LYZ Blackburn, Driffield
10.30   3.640 Lsb G0MRL Bolton
10.30   70.425 FM G3VBA,G4GSY Frodsham, Bury
10.30   70.425 FM G0NAJ,G1JPV Dukinfield, Frodsham
10.30   145.525 FM G3VBA,M0HDE Frodsham, Wigan
10.30   145.525 FM G4GSY,G0NAJ Bury, Dukinfield
10.30   145.525 FM G1JPV Frodsham
21.00   70.425 FM G3VBA,G4GSY Frodsham, Bury
2100    70.425 FM G0NAJ,G1JPV Dukinfield, Frodsham

England Midlands
09.00   145.600 FM G0ATR,G4AFJ Via GB3CF Leicester
09.30   3.650 Lsb G3STG,G8BGT Melton Mowbray, Reading
10.30   145.725 FM M0DWE,M5ZZZ,G0FVI Via GB3LM Lincoln
18.00   145.525 FM G3USF,G0VVT Keele, Stoke on Trent
18.30   50.790 FM G0VVT Stoke on Trent Via GB3SX
18.30   433.525 FM G0VVT Stoke on Trent
19.00   145.6375 FM G4TSN,G0LCG ViaGB3IN Huthwaite Notts

England South East /East Anglia
09.00   3.650 Lsb G8ROG,G4TRN,G4IWS Reading, Bristol, Bures
09.00   3.650 Lsb G4RDC,G6WPJ Reading, Bures also SW & Wales
09.00   70.425 FM G8ROG,G4IWS, Reading, Bristol also SW news
09.00   70.425 FM G4RDC Reading also SW news
09.30   145.525 FM G8CKN,G8LES Alton
09.30   145.525 FM ,G8MSQ,M0KEL Lancing, Worthing
09.30   145.525 FM G0TLU Lancing
09.30   145.525 FM G0OZS,M0AKK, Manningtree, Ipswich
09.30   145.525 FM G4YQC,G0DVJ, Felixstowe, Ipswich
09.30   433.000 FM G8CKN Via GB3BN Bracknell
09.30   433.225 FM G8CKN Via GB3IW Isle of Wight
09.30   1308 ATV G8CKN, G8LES Via GB3HV High Wycombe
09.30   1316 ATV G8CKN, G8LES Via GB3IV Isle of Wight
09.30   1316 ATV G3NDJ Via GB3VR Brighton
09.00   145.525 FM M0MBD Hainault
09.00   433.525 FM M0MBD Hainault
10.00   70.425 FM G4OXY ,G1GSN Biggleswade
10.00   145.525 FM G4OXY, GIGSN,G4OXD Biggleswade, Hitchin
10.30   51.530 FM G3EKJ, G6DGK Uckfield
10.30   145.525 FM G3EKJ, G6DGK Uckfield
18.00   433.525 FM G4IMP Folkestone & Dover
19.00   145.625 FM G4NZQ,G7URP,G3LDI Via GB3NB Norwich

England South West and Channel Islands
09.00   145.525 FM GJ0PDJ,2J0SZI Jersey
09.30   51.530 FM GU1HTY,GU6EFB Guernsey
09.30   145.525 FM GU1HTY,GU0SUP,GU4RUK Guernsey
09.30   145.725 FM G3NPB,G4BHD,G2KF Via GB3NC St. Austell
09.30   433.525 FM G2HDR,G4TRN Bristol
10.30   145.525 FM G2HDR,G4TRN Bristol

Northern Ireland and Isle of Man
09.30   145.525 FM GI3WEM,MI0AWL Banbridge, Carrickfergus
10.00   3.640 Lsb GI4FUM,MI0RYL Muckamore, Craigavon
10.00   433.050 FM GI0VTS,MI0AWL GB3UL, Belfast
11.30   70.425 FM GI0VTS Bangor Co. Down

18.30   145.525 FM GW0AQR,GW4KAZ Caernarfon

09.00   145.525 FM GM6MEN Perth
09.30   70.425 FM GM4DTH Edinburgh
09.30   145.525 FM GM4DTH,MM0TSS Edinburgh
09.30   145.650 FM GM7GMC,GM1BAN Via GB3OC Kirkwall
09.30   145.650 FM MM3YMU,MM3YHA Via GB3OC Kirkwall
09.30   433.525 FM GM4DTH Edinburgh
10.00   51.530 FM GM4ILS Elgin
10.00   145.525 FM GM4ILS Elgin
10.00   145.525 FM GM3VTB Glasgow
10.00   145.525 FM GM4COX,GM7GDE Carluke,E.Kilbride
10.30   145.525 FM GM3JIJ,MM0BGQ Stornaway, Skye
11.30   3.640 Lsb GM8MHU Aberdeen
12.30   3.650 Lsb
12.30   3.640 Lsb GM3JIJ Stornaway
19.00   145.700 FM 2M0CDO,G0AXJ,GM0CDV Via GB3BT Berwick
Radcom magazine RSGB

Radcom Plus magazine RSGB

Radcom Basics magazine RSGB

RSGB Bletchley Park National Amateur
                          Radio Heritage Exhibition
National Amateur Radio Centre

The RSGB Ltd has developed their Bletchley Park premises to house the National Amateur Radio Heritage exhibition, National Amateur Radio Library and Archive the RSGB HQ, Station GB3RS, the GB4FUN project and the RSGB's Education Office and Centre. The Bletchley Park Centre opened to both RSGB members and members of the public in 2010.

Photo: Anthony C Davies
Information: RSGB Ltd

Get Your
                              Amateur Radio Licence!

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