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Palstar PS-30 PSU
Palstar PS-30 25 amp (30 amp peak) PSU  (a.k.a.Manson EP-925)

PALSTAR PS-30 / MANSON EP-925 User Guide
                          / Instruction Manual / Data Sheet

PALSTAR PS-30 / MANSON EP-925 User Guide
                          / Instruction Manual / Data Sheet
Palstar PS-30  /  Manson EP-925 Power Supply Unit - User Manual

Modfications To The PS-30 / EP-925 by PA0FRI

Modifications to the Palstar PS-30 / EP-925  -  e.g. to reduce the loud fan noise problem by PA0FRI
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Palstar PS-30 Schematic ( by PA0FRI
Palstar PS-30  / Manson EP-925 Schematic ( by PA0FRI )

Palstar PS-30 - Modified Schematic (
                              by PA0FRI )
Palstar PS-30 - Modified Schematic ( by PA0FRI )

The Bi-Metallic thermostat operates at 70 degrees celsius in this power supply. In the modified circuit (above) a Normally Open ( NO ) thermostat that closes at 70 degrees is required.

RS Components:

Bi-metallic NO thermostat,Close@70degC  -  RS Stock No.229-5963  -  Brand = RS

Bi-metallic NO thermostat,Close@60degC  -  RS Stock No.331-540  -  Brand = Honeywell

Bi-metallic NO thermostat,Close@75degC  -  RS Stock No.331-556A  -  Brand = Honeywell

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