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OPERATING IN CYPRUS as a Full UK Amateur Radio Licence Holder
(Southern Cyprus)

Please refer to the Cyprus Amateur Radio Licence Conditions and Terms information contained within this document:
Cyprus_5B_Licence_conditions_and_laws.doc  -  As with any other CEPT country, to operate within the regulations, you must carry this document together with a copy of your Full UK amateur radio licence validation document and also a copy of the UK licence regulations (Section 2 of your licence). Refer to your UK licence or ERO Document Recommendation TR61-01 for more information.

Note: This information is for Southern Cyprus (Greek Cypriot) only. It is not possible and, indeed, illegal, to operate in occupied Turkish Northern Cyprus as there is no ITU agreement since the territory is not internationally recognised. Attempting to operate in the Turkish occupied northern area could result in arrest and imprisonment.

Most of the Cyprus_5B_Licence_conditions_and_laws document is Greek, but the important information can be found on page 8 onwards (Appendix 1) which refers to power limitations. Basically, as long as you have a FULL UK licence you can operate normally from Cyprus.

The rest of the regulations are more or less standard based on CEPT.

A few things to have in mind:

1) Always keep a copy of your own licence document with you (especially if you venture mobile/portable). Amateur Radio radio is not widely known around Cyprus. Radio Amateurs who happen to cross paths with the police for whatever reason can have a hard time explaining why they have radios with them etc.

2) (2015) Cyprus is still in conflict with Turkey - part of the island is under military occupation. Even though there now exist crossing points to the occupied lands, under no circumstances should any radio equipment be taken to the Turkish north, should you wish to visit. It can land you in jail !!  Worst of all, it will be an extremely difficult process involving the United Nations (UN) and the British embassy to get you out!

3) Avoid transmitting near any military installations in the South. - As in the case of the local police, the military are generally unaware of amateur radio, even though the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society (CARS) have tried over and over again to inform them of 'ham' radio activities & the hobby.

4) Do not transmit as 5B/... while in the United Kingdom Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) ( There is a completely separate ITU allocation for these areas (ZC4). Please note that as the UK has not signed a CEPT agreement for the SBA areas, you may not operate while in these areas at all - not even as ZC4/...  !!

More information can be found here:

Should you wish to use VHF while on the island, this information will also be useful:

However do take note that 80% of the Island's radio amateurs only use H.F.   -  VHF repeaters, therefore, have very little traffic. It would be best to ensure that you concentrate activities on H.F., with VHF and UHF regarded only as potentially interesting supplementary opportunities.
Cyprus Amateur Radio Society -
The prefixes 5B, C4, H2, and P3 are allocated to the Republic of Cyprus. No other prefixes are legal.

(Amateurs in the northern part of Cyprus, which is occupied by Turkey, north of the UN buffer zone (Green Line) are sometimes heard using the prefix 1B, but as they are in Cyprus this prefix is illegal).

ZC4 is allocated to the UK Sovereign Base areas of Cyprus, another DXCC entity altogether.

Grateful thanks to Nestor Jacovides (5B4AHZ), President of the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society, who helped with the compilation of the information on this page.

Cyprus Amateur Radio Society
Tel. +357 - 99610855
Postal address: PO. Box 51267, 3503 Lemesos, Cyprus.

Cyprus licensing conditions document:  Cyprus_5B_Licence_conditions_and_laws.doc

For an up to date list of countries that have implemented CEPT T/R 61-01 please see: ERO website

RSGB Information:

Ofcom Amateur Radio Licensing:

Ofcom Information:

I.A.R.U. advice :

PHOTOGRAPHS  -  Transmitter Masts in Cyprus - August 2015

PHOTOGRAPHS  -  Our Holiday in Cyprus in August 2015



Find out more about simple, lightweight, portable antennas on the Portable Operating Page.

Norcal HF Doublet -
The Norcal Doublet by
Doug Hendricks KI6DS, Jim Duffey KK6MC/5 and Dennis Foster KK5PY

The wire ends are connected to the balanced line terminals on the
a.t.u. or to a separate balun, see this link:
and the "Crappie Pole" antenna:

Yaesu FT-857D multi-mode, multi-band amateur radio transceiver

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