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A note about e-mail:

I decided to remove the standard automatic "mailto" function from the contact page due to the vast and ever increasing amount of auto-generated spam (junk) e-mail that we are receiving which is produced by those annoying spammers.  It's unfortunate that there is always someone out there wanting to spoil other people's enjoyment of the wonders of the internet.  I hope that you will get in touch with me never the less - and thank you very much if you do.

Instead of the automatic "mailto" function I have simply displayed the email address as an image on the contact page. You will need to type this email address into your email application manually.  Thanks.

Debretts Etiquette   -  Good manners cost nothing!

1. Say “THANK YOU” after someone gives you something, or “NO THANK YOU” if you decline the offer

2. Always be polite, and use the word “PLEASE” which goes a long way, and doesn’t cost you anything.

3. Be considerate of others while on your phone, since no one wants to hear your conversation other than the person on the other end of the phone. Excuse yourself if you feel the need to continue a phone conversation while conversing with others.

4. Show interest in the topic and person you are talking to, give eye contact, and never interrupt. Think about it. You don’t like talking to someone who doesn’t listen or always interrupts you, do you?

5. Hold the door open for people. Say THANK YOU when someone holds a door open for you.

6. Be a good sport. No one likes a poor loser or a gloating winner. Be a good sport no matter where you finish in the game. This lesson goes farther as you become an adult.

7. Be kind to others. Caring for other people and animals, will make you a better person and also builds character.

8. Be on time. It shows disrespect when you are constantly late, as this subconsciously tells the host that their time is not as important as your time is. Don’t arrive too early either, as they may not be ready for you until the scheduled time. And don’t stay too late, as this makes for an uncomfortable situation when guests overstay their welcome.

9. Remember the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s never a good thing to put people down or make fun of them as many people have feelings that could be hurt easily.

10. Whenever eating out or eating at home, it’s always good to practice good table manners, such as not talking with your mouth full or belching at the table. When at a dinner or party, do not eat until the host/hostess is seated.       -     Manners and Etiquette

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