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“There comes a time in your life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who
make you laugh so hard, that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good.  After all, life is too short to be anything but happy.” Karl Marx


Jollies Close Sign
New Ideas, New Hope for

Mike and Jules
I have yet to persuade Julie to compile her list, but she does have a Facebook page.

You can also see our photograph Gallery here

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Do you really want to know?  Oh well, okay, here goes: 

Why "Jollie's Close":  Well, for some reason, we are known as 'The Jollies'. We saw this sign in Edinburgh and had to have a photo!

Age Now?:
What a rude question!

Favourite Hobby: Radio listening and Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Callsign: MØMTJ (Mike Zero Mike Tango Juliet) - Amateur Radio

Favourite Colour
: Deep sky blue.

Favourite Girl
:  Julie - Of Course.

(Some) Favourite Bands and artists
: Steely Dan, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Shakira, Gabriella Cilmi, Sara Bareilles, Sade, Kate Bush, KT Tunstall, Katie Melua, ELO, Propaganda, Latin Quater, Zero 7, Blondie, Beth Orton, Buggles, Dean Friedman, Supertramp, Earth Wind and Fire, Olivia Newton John, Abba, Scissor Sisters, Marshall Hain, Nora Jones,  Thomas Dolby, Sophie Ellis Bextor - and oh... and Steely Dan, to name a few.

Favourite Singer
: Kirsty MacColl (1959 - 2000) - Haunting.  A tragic loss.

Favourite Albums
: Gaucho by Steely Dan, Sgt Pepper by The Beatles & any album by the wonderful Kirsty of course.

Top 3 Beatles Albums:
  1: Sgt Pepper   2: Abbey Road   3: Revolver.

Top 3 Steely Dan Albums:
1: Gaucho   2: Two Against Nature   3: Everything Must Go

Top 3 Kirsty MacColl Albums:
1: Tropical Brainstorm (amazing)    2: Titanic days   3: Electric Landlady

Some Great Music Producers: The amazing Trevor Horn, Quincy Jones, Setve Levine, William Orbit, again, to name a few.

Favourite Composers
: Tchaikovski (1840 - 1893), Gustav Holst, John Williams

Some Other Favourite Music
: Count Basie, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Glen Miller.

(Some) Favourite Films
:  Fargo, Contact, Lucy, As Good As It Gets, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Contact, Titanic, North By North West, Independence Day, The Matrix, Casablanca, The Ipcress File, the Monty Python Films, The Star Trek Films, the original Star Wars Trilogy, The James Bond films, Laurel & Hardy.
, City Lights, The Gold Rush, Modern Times, The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin), The Children Of Men, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later.

(Some) Favourite TV Programmes
: Inspector Morse, Lewis, Fargo (Series 1 and 2), Life On Mars, Star Trek, Frasier, Doc Martin, The Sweeney, Utopia (Series 1 and 2), Spooks, Doctor Who, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (although the BBC Radio Four version was even better and the 2005 film was quite good), Hustle, Hotel Babylon, Kingdom, 24, early X Files.

(Some) Favourite  Comedy TV Programmes: Fawlty Towers, The Office, Frasier, Extras, Only Fools & Horses, Black Adder, The Young Ones, Porridge, The Good Life, Phoenix Nights, Little Britain, Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister, The Fast Show, Harry and Paul, Car Share.

Most Depressing TV Programme: East Enders.

Favourite Soap
: Carbolic,..... oh okay, Dove then. (or Coronation Street  - - or none )

Favourite Car
: None really but the TVR Chaimaera was rather good looking and had a great name.

Favourite Animal
: Cats big and small, but all animals are grrreat.

Favourite Pet
: Cat.

Favourite Food
: Anything Julie cooks, of course, but especially Vegetable Dhansak and chocolate ice-cream.

Favourite Drink
: Real Ale  (don't mention 'Old Fart')

Favourite Phrase:
"Economical with the truth". As applied to politicians & their spin doctors.

Why Did I Build This Website?: The Web is a great resource and I use it so much, so eventually I decided it really was time that I should have representation on the web and build my very own website and was really inspired to do so by Mike Brown's excellent MB21 site.

Favourite Pastimes:
You've probably guessed, but for the record; cats, photography, amateur radio, computers and gardening when I am forced to.   Oh and 'Lucid Dreaming' if I can - It's very infrequent, but fabulous fun - better than any computer game!

Favourite Joke
: I can never remember jokes.  Doh! [But what about this one: I suffer from
agoraphobia AND claustrophobia:  I spend most of my time standing in doorways!] More Funnies Here

Favourite Day
: Holiday

What Makes Me Laugh:
Tabetha our cat, David Brent, Frasier, Brian Potter and Basil Fawlty.

What Makes Me Cringe:
Basil Fawlty and David Brent in a funny way, but also all the self obsessed, half witted, pointless Radio One
DJs who are not in the least bit amusing, "literally", "A cheeky x y z", "It would be rude not to" .

Favourite Hobbies: Julie; Radio (listening to, building of & reading about); Vinyl Records; Surfing the net; This website; and also some photography when I get the time.

Favourite Web Sites
: Among very many include -
BBC, MB21, and also see the LINKS page for more.

Favourite Radio Presenters
: Ed Doolan (BBC WM), Peter Allan (Five Live), Bernadette Kearney (BBC WM / H&W / BBC News), Steve Wright (BBC Radio Two),  Richard Cartridge (Original 106, BBC Radio Solent and 2CR), - and from the mists of time:
Les Ross & Phil Holden (BRMB), Nick Abbot (LBC, Virgin 1215, Talk Radio & Real Radio) and Mike Dickin (Talk Radio / Talk Sport).

Favourite Radio Stations
BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio FourClassic FM,  BBC WM, BBC Five Live. Julie's Favourites: BBC Radio Shropshire,  BBC Radio Two. Others include: , BBC Radio Three, Radio

What Upsets Me: Running out of beer! (Oh and The E.U., Gordon Brown & Tony Blair are pretty irritating too!)

Least Favourite Item Of Clothing
: Anorak

More About Amateur Radio

Despite my fascination with radio since and early age, I always seemed to find some excuse not to learn Morse Code to pass the RAE. The requirement for Morse was dropped in England some time ago, and as 2008 arrived I decided that I really should 'grasp the nettle' and study for my amateur radio licence.

I joined a local amateur radio club in January 2008 determined to achieve my full licence. I immediately started started a very intensive period of study and learning with the intention of being fully licensed by the end of the year.

From the outset I was reading the RSGB's Advanced course book. I passed the Foundation licence in March 2008 (M3WNQ), the Intermediate licence in April 2008 (2E0MDS) and sat the final Advanced examination at the end of May 2008. At the end of June I was very pleased to learn that I had passed the Advanced licence and so received my new callsign MØMTJ.  Find out more about Amateur Radio here >

I have been interested in radio since I was about eight or nine years of age. I was keen on listening to our local BBC radio station, Radio Birmingham at the time. I also took great interest in the subsequent launch of the first commercial radio stations in my area; BRMB Radio and Mercia Sound. They were superb examples of local radio with a real community spirit. (Sadly that has all been lost with deregulation and consolidation - but that's another story.)

I think my fascination with radio resulted, in part, from my Grandad 's interest in the subject. He was a keen listener and had many different radio receivers. Additionally an aunt gave me the Ladybird book "Making A transistor Radio" written by George Dobbs. This introduced me to building radios and electronic circuits.

As a youngster I built many crystal sets and TRF radios including one based on the ZN414 I.C. that was published in the magazine 'Everyday Electronics'. On my home built receivers I enjoyed listening to the BBC Radio Two and Radio Four, local radio stations and Radio Luxembourg - the great 208!

I went on to become a keen Short Wave Listener, at first using my home built short wave regenerative receiver and later I bought a simple Sony portable radio which had the short wave band. At one timeI even used citizens band radio and would regularly burn the midnight oil - falling asleep over the microphone in the early hours!As my interest grew I aquired a Sony ICF-7600DS and later a Sony ICF-SW7600G for SWL. In the 1990's I also bought a Lowe HF-150 receiver and a Realistic (RadioShack) 2006 VHF/UHF scanner - always thrilled to hear fascinating voices from all over the globe.

Enjoy your radio! Wishing you good DX. Very best wishes, Mike - MØMTJ

I think that's enough for now. Thanks for reading this far.

Best wishes, from Mike and Jules

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Find me on Google Plus

"I am not young enough to know everything"
[Oscar Wilde]

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