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Neeko the cat  A WARM WELCOME TO MDS975. Thank you for taking time to visit!
If you like our pages we'd love to hear from you!  |  Amateur Radio Pages here  |  See recent website updates here >

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MDS975 is a personal website devoted to our various interests which include cats, radio and broadcasting, music and vinyl records, a little bit of photography (you can see some of our photographs in the gallery), computers, and some other favourite things. You will find links to the other pages on the left hand side of this page and via further navigation from our site map. We really hope that you enjoy your visit, and hope that you will put a link to this site on your home page if you do. Tell your friends! Our address is

Jules Passes Amateur Radio Exam!
After weeks of dedicated study, reading the book 'Foundation Licence Now', a dozen online mock 'HamTests' and a weekend of expert revision tuition from Mike Street, G3JKX, of the Telford & District Amateur Radio Society, I am proud to announce that Jules passed her amateur radio Foundation examination with flying colours on 14th October 2012. Jules now holds the call sign M6ORS Well done!
More about amateur radio here

Our Wedding & Honeymoon in Canada

I am very pleased to be able to announce that Julie and I got married in November 2008. (She did not know what she was letting herself in for!!) You can see our honeymoon photographs in Western Canada here and some photographs from our wedding day here.

Why Not Get Out Your Record Collection?
Have you got a collection of lovely LP's and no decent turntable to play them on?  You are missing some fantastic audio delights!  Find out which is the only turntable worthy of playing your classic albums - read all about the road to your  Vinyl Heaven  - here.
                                                          BRMB Radio
                                                          1974 to 2012

Amateur Radio - Exams Passed
I have been fascinated with radio since I was a schoolchild. I enjoyed listening to all manner of radio stations from the BBC, local radio, pirate stations and also short wave broadcasts from exotic sounding stations from all over the world. I enjoyed making radios from simple crystal sets to transistorized receivers. In 2008 I finally took the plunge and studied for my amateur radio exams - I was delighted to achieve my full amateur radio licence, gaining the call sign MØMTJ. I should have done it many years earlier! You can visit my Amateur Radio pages here.

Radio & Memorabilia
I have been very interested in radio broadcasting and I have gradually brought together a small collection of radio related material including a brief history of radio developments and other memorabilia.  I have also added some pages about crystal sets and other simple radio related circuits. Visit the Radio Stations & Memorabilia page here.
R.I.P. Mercia Sound 1980 to
Mercia Sound memories
Mercia audio retrospective
Lest we forget - R.I.P.
Radio Wyvern & Beacon Radio

You can see our visit to Washford in Somerset here,  and also a collection photographs of Malta's Masts here taken during our holiday in Malta in April 2004.  We also have tribute to some favourite radio stations of yesteryear, including favourites BRMB and Mercia Sound.

More Radio Goodies
Additional radio goodies and memorabilia are gathered in the AIRWAVES section in the form my own writings together with a selection of old documents, photographs and accounts published by radio broadcasting organisations that we hope you'll find interesting.  It is hoped that this section may gradually be expanded as time allows, but please also visit my section "UK Radio - A Brief History", located in the Radio Stations and Memorabilia section which details the history of radio from 1920 and includes a section covering Pirate Radio in the UK.

Apart from radio, there are other subjects here too including the afore mentioned cats and dogs for we animal lovers, a page of sundials which I find fascinating and a section of 'Other Stuff' including a page of some funny pictures and jokes.

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(July - August 2012 - source Google)
Mediterranean Cruise
Jules and I were very lucky to be able to experienced another fantastic cruise. In September 2010 we sailed on the Royal Caribbean ship Brilliance Of The Seas. See some of our photographs here.

Baltic Capital Cities Cruise
Jules and I enjoyed an amazing holiday on the Royal Caribbean ship Jewel Of The Seas in June 2009. See some of our photographs here.

Norway & Fjords Cruise
In 2006 Jules and I enjoyed a fabulous holiday to the Norwegian Fjords on board the wonderful cruise ship Arcadia.  You can see our photographs here.

Canada - Toronto
We also enjoyed a superb holiday in Toronto, Canada in 2006. We eventually (!)  added some of the photographs that we took.  You can view our selection here.

More About Our Website
We hope that you will find our little web site interesting and trust that you will also find everything in working order.  If you do happen to find anything that does not work as expected, such as a broken link or missing photograph for example, please do let us know and we will fix it.  We'd like to hear from you anyway, of course, and you can reach us via the contact page.

May I take this opportunity to thank Julie for all her help and support while working on putting our website together.  Admittedly most of the content concerns my own hobbies and interests, but the pages devoted to some of our holiday photographs, cats and dogs and especially our cat Tabetha are things we both love.

SO:  We hope you enjoy our pages, please feel free to browse around and we hope that you will find some things that are of interest, especially if you are a mast fan, radio nut, vinyl addict or as mad about cats as we are!

Building a website has been surprisingly time consuming and seems to be a job that is never finished - there is always something more to add, be it a new photograph or an idea for a new page! Don't forget we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week - except Mondays. Closed 1pm to 2pm for lunch. ;-)

Competition Question: How did this website get its name?

Answer:  The answer is contained somewhere within this site.  So go on, have a look around!

[Spell checker broken - dictionary lost - brains all mush! In fact someone called me and asked "Where's your grammar? I replied "She's in the kitchen making a pot of tea".]

Thanks for popping in.  Tell your friends and please do come back again soon.

Happy and
safe surfing.
Mike and Jules
Click to visit the contact page                    Thank You!
Radio Acocks Green

What was it?    Who were they?  Why were they?   Where were they?

Read more about RADIO ACOCKS GREEN on the BRMB page!

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Luxury Hand Made Soap
Luxury Hand Made Soap

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